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SUN Language Lab Software

Latest multi-platform application with a pleasing and very user-friendly interface, yet feature rich and content rich with provisions for remote database updations and content additions.

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SUNWISE Dictionary

Software comes with SUNWISE Dictionary that gives the meaning, classification of the word, its phonetic symbols, usage context and with correct pronunciation.


SUNVOICE, a unique voice recording facility to record, replay and transmit speech or conversation of students is also embedded in our lab software.

SUN Picture Dictionary

Picture Dictionary is another addition with thousands of words in it with their corresponding pictures, word pronunciation and phonemic symbols.


All content in the lab software is graded and pedagogically aligned to bring out the maximum learning outcome and understanding for students and eases teachers the task of teaching them the unexplored and difficult areas in the English language teaching portfolio.

  • English Alphabet- Objects representing each Alphabet with their Phonics and Correct Pronunciation

  • Phonetics - Phonological awareness, Drills, Intro to IPA Chart and 44 sounds of English etc. Graded

  • Functional Grammar-(Structural, Oral, Situational) Graded

  • Listening - Comprehensions, Usages, Globally accepted pronunciation- Graded CCE Test Materials

  • Speaking- Accent Neutralization, Situational Conversations and Vocabulary. Graded

  • Picture Dictionary and Pronouncing Dictionary with voice-over and IPA symbols.

  • Reading- Comprehensions for all levels- Graded for assessment

  • Writing Lab – Academic Writing Skill development section for all levels - Graded

  • Academic Supplements- Literature – also lessons from the text book
SUN Language Lab Hardware

SUN Language Lab Hardware: Most modern language lab equipments, cost effective, durable and user friendly which is wireless and portable. Institutions can either have a dedicated classroom or else they can even use it as a mobile lab.

Advantages Of Language Lab

  • SUN LANGUAGE LAB is the first wireless hardware and software integrated classroom language teaching solution.

  • SUN Software is graded for different levels from LKG to 12th Standard.

  • SUN software comprises Phonetics, Interactive Grammar, Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and it has very effective tools and techniques for CCE- ASL.

  • SUN LAB works even during power failures as it is battery operated with power backup.

  • SUN Language lab has inbuilt AUDIO and VIDEO recording facility for CCE ASL.

  • SUN Language lab is cost effective and hassle free as it is wireless (not computer network based).

  • SUN Language Lab facility can be made available through SMART CLASSES without using smart class server or network.

  • SUN has the best Language Teaching-Learning Software using the best technology and easy to use interface.

  • SUN Lab could be set up as a Dedicated lab or in case of space constrains it could be used as a Mobile language lab.


English Language Lab

A Comprehensive and LSRW based Software and Hardware Integrated Classroom Solution for language teaching and learning.

International English

Structural, Oral and Situational (SOS) Communication Skill Development Program to acquire correct and globally accepted English.

English for Academics

Syllabus based (CBSE, ICSE, IB and SB) LSRW based multimedia content for K-12...

Creative Writing

A multimedia guide for students to acquire writing skills for academic, formal and informal contexts.

Interactive English

A rich multimedia guide for day to day conversations. English Usages, Phrasal Verbs, use of correct words in the correct context etc.. to develop a higher domain of English Communication and Interactive skills.