SUN Teaching Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

SUN Teaching Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a fast growing Educational Company in South India based out of Cochin. SUN English provides technology enabled classroom teaching solutions, trainings and other educational services to schools, colleges and other educational institutions across the country. Our flagship initiative is ENGLISH LANGUAGE LAB SOLUTIONS. SUN Language Lab software has highly innovative multimedia content in the interactive format with illustrations and demonstrations for the maximum learning outcome. Each module in the software has been pedagogically aligned to maximum conceptual clarity and uses the best digital hardware technology for its effective classroom delivery. A web based application indigenously developed and successfully incorporated to meet the 21st Century teaching- learning challenges by our Systematic, Unique and Neoteric delivery model. In future, objective is to give students & teachers the facility of online interaction with the experts in the field, supported by audio – visual aids, which makes the teaching – learning process a wonderful experience. We make the resource persons available at the convenience of our Language Lab classroom, thereby meeting organizational imperatives to operate classroom teaching more efficiently and deliver programs that attract students and teachers throughout the country.

Our Team

We have a team of experienced and excellent think tanks who device and develop high quality, up-to-date teaching material with international standard. A versatile group of experienced and academically sound teachers guide us to create and deliver this rich tailor made multimedia Language Lab content..

Our Background

Highly experienced preceptors with international exposure and professional attitude work as a team to bring out innovative content, which is perfectly placed and delivered through advanced and user friendly Lab software and hardware. They are undoubtedly dedicated people who stand for the cause of better English.


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Advantages of SUN English Language Lab over wired or computer network Labs

  1. SUN Language Lab is the first Wireless Hardware and Software integrated classroom language teaching solution.
  2. SUN Software is graded and pedagogically aligned in different levels from LKG to 12th Standard for better understanding.
  3. SUN Software comprises a wide range of language learning tools and techniques covering the entire aspects of English Language, using the best technology and easy to use interface.
  4. SUN Software comprises of Letters of English Alphabet, Phonetics, Interactive & Functional Grammar, Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and it has very effective tools and techniques for CCE- ASL.
  5. SUN Lab works even during power failures devices are battery operated and with power backup.
  6. SUN Language Lab has inbuilt AUDIO and VIDEO recording facility for CCE-ASL.
  7. SUN Language Lab is cost effective and hassle free as it is wireless (not computer network based).
  8. SUN Language Lab facility can be made available through SMART CLASSES without using smart class server or network.
  9. SUN has the best Language Teaching-Learning Software using the best technology and easy to use interface.
  10. SUN Lab could be set up as a Dedicated lab or in case of space constrains it could be used as a Mobile language lab.
  11. SUN Provides frequent content updates, Teacher trainings and Accademic suppliments to meet the academi prespectives across all the educational boards beyond general language learning materials.

Objectives of SUN English Language Lab

  • To help students to understand the phonology, word stress ,intonation and pause patterns of English Language.
  • To maintain good linguistic competence, to understand the grammatical form, function and scale of formality
  • To develop pragmatic competence, to understand the grammatical form, function and formality.
  • To enrich the discourse competence, to prepare the learner to be produce contextualise written text and speech
  • To acquire strategic competence to use both spoken and written language in a wide range of communication strategies.
  • To help the learners to migrate to a higher domain of English Communication and to acquire a globally accepted pronunciation.