ASL Software

ASL Software

ASL software enables the Assessment of Speaking and Listening ASL to enhance students’ performance and the teachers and to carry out the tests & submissions of the audio files as required by the CBSE Board. Listening, Speaking & Evaluation as desired by CBSE is incorporated in the software.This is a learning technique which has also been modified into the form of a subject under the CBSE board. ASL stands for Assessment for Speaking and Listening. This is a subject which is compulsory for all those who study in a CBSE board school or one that is affiliated with it. This subject is compulsory for all the students of class 9, 10, 11 and 12 and it works as a grooming technique which helps the students to prepare for their future and hone their communication skill. It is very important to be a good listener if one wants to become a good speaker and that is exactly what this subject aims for. It teaches and trains students through various ways of communicating how to respond and react verbally in different situations. Though which was not a part of the regular, structured curriculum of the CBSE board previously, it has become compulsory, since 2012.

Assessment of Speaking and Listening


English as a medium of communication has acquired an important role in bridging the world together. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) envisages that all language skills need to be integrated into the English language curriculum at schools. Speaking and listening should be nurtured in children to equip them with better communication skills.

It has been proposed to introduce formal testing of speaking and listening skills in the Summative Assessments in English at Secondary and Senior Secondary levels (Classes IX and XI) in CBSE.

The ASL Software not only helps the teachers in conducting and recording the actual test, it also assists them in uploading teaching material to enhance the learners’ speaking and listening skills. A provision to conduct recording sessions by the teacher has been added into the software itself.
SUN Language lab has inbuilt AUDIO and VIDEO recording facility for CCE ASL.

SUN software comprises Phonetics, Interactive Grammar, Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and it has very effective tools and techniques for CCE- ASL.

Assessment of Listening Skills
The Listening Comprehension section tests the student’s ability to listen for basic interpersonal, instructional and academic purposes. A number of sub-skills need to be developed in the everyday classroom transaction.
Assessment of Speaking Skills
Speaking skill has acquired a very important place in the communication skills. A number of sub-skills of speaking need to be consciously developed amongst students like listening skills.