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English Teachers Training

We take up the entire English Language Teaching portfolio of our client institutions. We help the Educational Institutions to achieve this through our comprehensive Lab Solutions, which is a state of the art and hassle free technology driven classroom solution, mutually beneficial for english teachers as well as students.

We also undertake teacher trainings as part of our teacher empowerment programmes; a well designed courseware covers entire aspects of English Language Teaching methodology.

SUN Teachers’ Training -A Program towards’’ Teacher Excellence’’

A Comprehensive Teachers training programme emphasises on Pronunciation, Accent, Stress and Intonation patterns of English Language besides LSRW skills. Our systematic and unique teacher training modules and its effective delivery will change the perception about English Language and will help the teachers to acquire globally accepted language skills.

The Training

SUN has highly effective and effect oriented on the job teachers’ training programme for CBSE, ICSE, and SB Teachers. A pool of well knowledgeable Trainers and Subject Specialists imparts the Training with SUN’s thriving Training Modules to help teachers to complete the optimum results. SUN’s Training Faculty Leads and Credentials


SUN retain customised programmes in place of School Teachers

  • One day- Integrated Training ( all 3 modules)
  • Vacation Programs
  • Year Long (3 trainings in an academic year)

Gains for the Teacher by this program

Teachers’ acquire the necessary skills to meet the 21st century Teaching – Learning Challenges

  • Ability to respond to change
  • Transferable Skills
  • Allows different teaching styles – Teachers can use their own approaches how best to teach in the classroom and better learning outcome.
  • Self direction is motivating and leads to higher order thinking.
  • The excitement and pleasure of teaching will carry over to the subject itself.