India's First Wireless Language Lab Solutions .

SUN Language Lab Hardware

SUN Language Lab Hardware: Most modern language lab equipments, cost effective, durable and user friendly which is wireless and portable. Institutions can either have a dedicated classroom or else they can even use it as a mobile lab


A branded laptop in which the SUN Language Lab software is installation.


A daylight LCD projector either ceiling mounted or portable along with a white board or portable white screen for showing the enlarged visuals of the Language lab Software in a Language Lab or Classroom

ASL recording

Basic unit for ASL Recording. 2 cordless mike and recording device

Receiver Headset

Wireless receivers cum recording device : The equipment can be used individullay or could be shared among two Headphones are connected to the device and they can listen to what facilitator or Teacher says and to the high quality audio contents from software simulteneously while watching the visuals projected on white board or screen. They can record the audio they hear for repeatedly practicing and their by acquiring the correct accent stress and intonation patterns.


Wireless Transmitter: Lab facilitator or teacher will be provided with a Wireless Transmitter and microphone for enabling them to communicate with the students through the wireless receiver cum Recoding device and to enable audio from Language Lab software to reach the students in maximum capacity and depth.


USP for uninterrupted power failure for smooth running for language lab

Custom made lectern to store laptop headeset , ups etc