A Comprehensive LSRW based Software and wireless hardware Integrated Lab Solution for language teaching-learning

SUN English Language Lab Software

Latest multi-platform application with a pleasing and very user-friendly interface, yet feature rich and content rich with provisions for remote database updations and content additions

Play Video

SUN Voice Recoder

SUNVOICE, a unique voice recording facility to record, replay and transmit speech or conversation of students is also embedded in our lab software

SUN Picture Dictionary

Picture Dictionary is another addition with thousands of words in it with their corresponding pictures, word pronunciation and phonemic symbols.

SUN Contents

All content in the lab software is graded and pedagogically aligned to bring out the maximum learning outcome and understanding for students and eases teachers the task of teaching them the unexplored and difficult areas in the English language teaching portfolio.
Objects representing each Alphabet with their Phonics and Correct Pronunciation

Phonological awareness, Drills, Intro to IPA Chart and 44 sounds of English etc. Graded

Comprehensions, Usages, Globally accepted pronunciation- Graded CCE Test Materials

Accent Neutralization, Situational Conversations and Vocabulary. Graded
Picture Dictionary and Pronuciation Dictionary with voice over and IPA Symbol

Reading Comprehension for all levels-Graded for assignment

Academic Writing Skill development section for all levels – Graded

Structural ,oral and situational Comunication development skill programme to correct and globally accepted English.

Syllabus based (CBSE ,ICSE, IB and SB ) LSRW based multimedia content for K-12

A rich multimedia guide for day to day conversations. English Usages, Phrasal Verbs , use of correct words in the correct content etc.. to develop a higher domain of English Communication and Interactive skills.